The great 12th century mystic, healer and philosopher, Hildegard von Bingen, created the word Veriditas to describe her vision of the greening power of Nature, the divine force within all life.

Veriditas is also the "greening of the mind", the growth of intelligence and spiritual insight through understanding of Nature, or as Hildegard put it:

"Understanding in the soul is like the Veriditas of the branches and the leaves of the tree."

In fact, Hildegard's word, Veriditas, contains within it two Latin words- "green" and "truth". Her creation of a synergistic concept combining Nature's manifest vitality and humankind's discernment shows a wisdom and insight that is especially valuable today.

We created Veriditas, a division of Al-Qemi, to increase awareness of herbs as tools for spiritual work.

Our parent company, Al-Qemi, was founded in 1991 to research and put into modern practice the ancient healing work of the alchemists.

Since then, we have provided discriminating clients with a complete Alchemical and Spagyric apothecary, including not only products, but a practical system for their use.

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